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Incorporating a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with a fun loving spirit is the core of Rock Spa. Offering a delight of the senses and a calming of the mind Rock Spa is sure to soar to your Favorites List.

Rock Spa is open from 6AM to 8PM daily, with services starting at 9AM. While walk-ins are welcome, appointments are encouraged for spa services. To reserve a service or treatment, please call 954.797.5888 or 800.509.8862. Management reserves all rights.

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 Soul Survivor (50 min $110 / 80 min $145)

The simple pleasure of Swedish massage has been balancing spa-goers for centuries. Designed to release toxins and increase oxygen flow these rhythmic maneuvers stimulate circulation which in turn opens the mind.

 Heaven "Scent" (50 min $115 / 80 min $145)

Using essential oils with Nature’s own aromatherapy elements this massage is designed to feed the olfactory (sense of smell) and combine professional therapists techniques to transcend the mind and the body to a heightened experience. Proven to reduce stress and relax the mind.

 Solid as A Rock (50 min $125 / 80 min $190)

You come in solid as a rock but leave weightless as a feather. Deep tissue massage techniques are used to assist you with increased range of motion, muscles stiffness and overall well being. Targeting specific areas for maximum results are the focus of this massage; each massage is designed to your needs.

 Rock A Bye Baby (50 min $110)

Mommy isn’t the only one that needs a little relaxation. Practiced to ensure the utmost care for mother and child, this massage allows Mom to be relieved of the known stresses of pregnancy such as lower back pain, swelling in the legs and anxiety. Baby benefits along with Mom as they enjoy maternal love of the massage.

 Just The Two Of Us • Couples Massage

Share a massage with that special someone in our lavishly appointed couples suite. You choose the massages you care to enjoy.

 Rock Me Gently (50 min $120/ 80 min $180)


Travel back in time with this ancient technique where warm stones are carefully place to assist muscles relax and release through heat transfer. Your therapist will use stones to artistically maneuver your body to another level of relaxation, pampering and wellness.

 Short On Time (25 min Swedish $65 / 25 min Deep Tissue $75)

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Don’t let your hectic schedule keep you from enjoying a massage at Rock Spa. This 25 minute massage is sure to hit the spot, concentrating on the three areas where stress is mainly felt. Treat yourself; you will be glad you did.

 Foot Loose • Spa Reflexology (25 min $65 / 50 min $95)

25 min Feet Only / 50 min Hand and Feet

A relaxing take on the traditional art of Reflexology, this service begins with a hot towel cleansing ritual. Following this relaxing interlude, specific pressure points on the hands and feet are stimulated, encouraging the body to find its own energy path and release blockages which may be the source of pain or discomfort.

 Traditional Thai Massage (80 min $190)

The ancient healing art of Traditional Thai Massage traces back over 2,500 years to Indian Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. This interactive therapy consists of moving energy through the body by applying pressure to specific energy lines known as Sen, and treating acupressure points within the Sen Lines to help heal the body.
This highly effective form of medical massage is beneficial for everyone whether active or inactive.
Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor. Utilizing gravity, your therapist uses her body to achieve maximum weight and leverage. Passive stretching is combined with rhythmic compressions are used to increase flexibility while relieving tension in the muscles. Pressure is applied with hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows and feet.
Thai massage not only calms the mind and nervous system, it balances the body's energy.

 Poker Face (50 min $110)

A totally energizing facial that uses the power of volcanic rock for its rich magnesium content to boost and detoxify a man’s skin.

Featuring 50 minutes of pure bliss, this facial combines aromatic blends of essential oils and Scottish whiskey to relax the mind and reveal clean, fresh and revitalized skin. Conditioners and moisturizers especially designed for men's skin are applied followed by a close professional shave and a daily elemental protection treatment. Well dressed men start with a well treated face.

 Energizing Facial (80 min $155)

Energizing Intensive Treatment

This intensive treatment with Siberian Ginseng envelops the skin in a wave of light to reveal its youthfulness. Following a thorough cleanse & enzymatic exfoliating scrub with pineapple extract, a specific digi-energy massage stimulates the flow of Chi. A deeply relaxing massage then prepares for a boost of vitality combining layers of frothy hyaluronic acid and a peel-off Vitamin C mask. To complete this one-of-a-kind facial, the Enlightening fluid brings instant lifting and smoothing results. Your skin and soul are energized for complete wellness.


 Orange Blossom Special • Couples Retreat (110 min $245 pp)

Retreat into blissful relaxation with the one you love. This ritual will leave your skin rehydrated and body transformed. Start with a bath of 2 in deep, rich coconut milk, infused with orange blossom, easing stress and softening skin. Enjoy side by side in our lavishly appointed couples suite while your skin is gently buffed into brilliance with pure cane sugar infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants. A hand and foot treatment is then performed using a perfecting masque to soften and smooth as it eases away the cares of the day. A Fijian scalp treatment is performed next with warmed nourishing Exotic Oil. A full body massage concludes this paradise treatment for two, renewing the mind and rekindling the body.

 Orient Essence Ceremony (50 min $130 / 80 min $170)

Indulgence is a necessity with this blissful ritual. Soft smooth skin is a reality following an exfoliation of a ginger infused balm. Smooth Balinese pebbles soaked in warmed exotic oils and wrapped with a soft gauze are used to perform Asian/Indian blend massage techniques. Kissed with Granita Spice it is sure to float you to bliss. Hydrated, soothed, relaxed, luminous and soft will be the words your skin will use to describe this heavenly signature treatment.

 Seasonal Body Wrap • “One of A Kind” (80 min $150)

Escape into the beautiful aromatic world of Rock Spa during our limited edition body wrap treatment. Your body will be softened and smoothed with our unique exfoliating gel wrap. Then the aromatic modeling syrup melts your stress away. This one of a kind blend of seasonal fruits and flowers will leave your skin soft and supple and your spirit rejuvenated. Ask a spa professional for this season’s serving. Sure to be a great change up for your skin’s senses.

 Seminole Wind (50 min $145)


Begin with a beautiful body exfoliation using the exotic blend of Cherry Blossom and Rice Powder. This prelude inspired by Japanese bath tradition is then followed by a massage leaving the skin soft and invigorated. A foot massage based on reflexology techniques revives vital energy flow through the body. Your ritual is ended with a warm aromatic Shea butter full body massage. Your body will return to Body Rock but your mind remains in another state; that of calm & blissful relaxation.

 Sensorial Body Escape (50 min $130)

This customized and unique ritual with delicate aromas offers total relaxation and a sensorial experience. The ritual will begin with a sweet and salty exfoliation for velvety soft skin. A superbly relaxing body massage with your choice of essential oils is added to this ritual to make it a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

 Orange Blossom Perfecting Back (25 min $70)

Give your back a break by giving it the treatment we so often neglect. Start off with a light dry brush to remove the top layer of dead skin. Next, an application of Pure Fiji’s Perfecting Masque is applied and massage in with warm beach stones to help remove environmentally damaged skin. An exfoliation using Pure Cane Sugar, rich in vitamins and antioxidants our backs so often are denied, is then gently massaged into the skin going deep into the dermal layers to rid the body of dull dry skin and to hydrate. A rich Orange Blossom Body Butter is then applied to complete this service leaving the body relaxed, and skin toned, smooth and glowing.

 Coconut Milk & Honey Bath Soak "Soak It Up"(25 min $65)

Slip into our deep soaking tub and enjoy some quiet time while you relax and allow your stress to float away for 25 minutes, during your soak enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Add it to a massage or facial you’ll be glad you did!


 Hydravance Facial (80 min $155)


Indulge your skin in the exceptional facial treatment for immediate skin hydration and impressive long lasting results. A soft creamy tapioca exfoliating scrub removes impurities and restores suppleness. A comforting mask with hyaluronic nectar is then applied followed by a unique pressure point massage to plump the skin and provide ultimate relaxation. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed.

 Forever Young Collagen Hylauronique (80 min $155)

Discover Collagen Hylauronique, the first intensive anti-aging treatment adapted to the real age of the skin, determined by your skin care professional. Combines technology and exclusive hand movements for proven long-lasting efficacy.

 Super Trooper Deluxe Facial (50 min $140)

Using the same concept as our A-B-See Facial this procedure takes it one step further by applying a powerful targeted booster to amplify results and sealed in with an intensely hydrating mask.

 My Angel Face (50 min $110)

Maintain your healthy complexion with this classic European Facial. From the heart of Paris this facial uses customized ampoules to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin. Skin is prepared, cleansed, extracted if needed and exfoliated to ensure positive results for your skin.

 A-B-See Facial (25 min $80)

This Alpha Beta Facial will let you see results in just one treatment. Providing microexfoliation without the recovery time. Addressing every skin care concern this service is appropriate for all ages and skin types. Developed by renowned Dr. Dennis Gross this MD skin care facial incorporates simple steps to keep your skin healthy and more youthful.

 Can't Take My Eyes Off O' You (Add-On $35)


This refreshing & anti-aging eye treatment is perfect for everyone. Unique porcelain spoons are chilled and used to drain and address puffiness and dark circles. A relaxing eye massage with vitamin and hyaluronic enriched eye cream is followed by a cooled tensor gel mask and eye smoothing patch for instant lifting and firming.

 Lip Service (Add-On $25)

Reduce the signs of aging around the lips by stimulating collagen to plump & smooth infusing antioxidant vitamin E, providing complete hydration to dry/chapped lips.


 La Bella Donna Application (30 min $55)

Just the basics applied beautifully by a pro - let us do the work.

 Special Occasion Makeup (45 min $65)

Get Gorgeous! Smokey eye? Retro? You name it and we will leave you red carpet ready.

 Makeup Lesson (1 hour $75)

I always wondered how to??? Get Answers! Our Artist will work with you to achieve a step by step guide on Day-to-Night makeup and everything in between - soon you will be the pro.

 Here Comes The Bridal Trial (1 hour $75)

Bring photos and ideas with you or let our artist guide you. Preview your best look.

 Bridal Makeup / Photography Makeup (1 hour $125)

This service includes your compressed mineral foundation and lip sheer or lipstick choice for touch-ups. A perfect makeup for your perfect day.

 Get Your "Glow On" Spray Tanning (25 min $70)

Rock Spa provides the highest quality sunless tanning.

 Orange Blossom Special • Manicure (50 min $55)


More than a manicure, this true salon treatment for the hands combats all the signs of aging and abuse our hands endure each day. Starting with a soak in warmed coconut bath soak prepares the skin for exfoliations using a Perfecting Masque to penetrate the deeper dermal layers and loosen dead skin cells. A natural cane sugar rub then lifts away dry skin and deeply nourishes the skin to a natural glow. A lower arm massage with a Botanical Refining gel is then performed to relax and alleviate sore forearm muscles while toning and hydrating the skin.

 Orange Blossom Special • Pedicure (75 min $65)


Never has a pedicure done more for the feet and lower legs than this unique treatment. In the beginning, the feet are gently lowered into a bath of pure coconut milk and exotic nut oils to soften and hydrate the deepest layers of dry skin. A Perfecting Masque is applied to penetrate the deeper dermal layers and loosen dead skin cells. A natural cane sugar rub then lifts away dry skin and deeply nourishes the skin to a natural glow. A lower leg massage with a Botanical Refining gel is then performed to relax and soothe leg muscles while toning and hydrating the skin.

 Other Nail Services

Basic Manicure $35

Basic Pedicure $45

Gel Mani cure $65

Gel Pedicure $75

French Polish Hands / Feet $10 / $10

Polish Change Color / French $15 / $20

Soak, Hands | Feet $10 / $10

Nail Design $5

Nail Repair $5

Paraffin, Hands / Feet $20 / $20

Eyelash / Brow Tinting $20 / $25

 Hair For The Gals

Cut Only from $55

Cut, Style & Blow Dry from $75

Blow Out from $50

Color / Single Process from $65

Color / Single Process / Retouch from $75

Gloss / Toner from $45

Color & Gloss / Double Process from $95

Color Correction from $85

Hi/Lo Lights / Partial from $90

Hi/Lo Lights / Full from $140

Relaxer from $65

Conditioning Treatment from $35

Keratin Treatment from $300

Extensions Consultation

Updo/Bridal Hair from $85

Updo/Bridal Hair Trail from $95

 Hair For The Guys

Cut & Style from $35

Color / Single process from $55

Hi / Lo Lights from $55

 Waxing Services

Bikini $60

Brazilian $70

Brow Clean Up $20

Brow Redesign $30

Lip $15

Chin $15

Face $50

Leg Half | Leg Full $45 / $55

Arm Half / Arm Full / Underarm $40 / $50 / $25

Back $65

 Fake Lashes Application ($15)

  • We invite you to arrive at the Rock Spa at least 30 minutes before your scheduled spa or salon service to provide you with sufficient time to change, shower and steam if necessary.
  • A robe, slippers, towels and a locker will be provided upon your arrival.
  • If you choose, undergarments may be worn during treatments. However, all of our therapists are skilled in proper draping procedures to ensure your complete comfort and privacy at all times. Swimsuits are required for all bath services, no nudity is allowed in co-ed areas.
  • We ask that you do not bring cell phones, pagers, jewelry, or valuables into the Rock Spa and Salon. The Rock Spa and Salon is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  • All Rock Spa and Salon treatments include use of the facility, robe, slippers, towels and a locker. For your convenience a 20% gratuity will be added to the cost of your treatment or service. This gratuity is dispersed to the spa or salon staff members who served you during your visit. In appreciation of outstanding service, additional gratuities may be given to the staff at your discretion. You may charge your services to your room, but you must provide a photo ID to do so. We also honor cash major credit cards, Players Club points, property credit and casino comps.
  • For maximum convenience and flexibility, we recommend that you schedule your spa and salon sessions in advance. All appointments must be guaranteed with a credit card. The Rock Spa and Salon is open from 6am to 8pm daily.
  • Please indicate at time of booking if you have a preference for a male or female therapist and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the spa or fitness center without adult supervision. Children under the age of 18 may not schedule spa services, but may schedule salon services if they are accompanied by an adult.
  • Because we reserve spa and salon services specifically for you, should you need to change or cancel your appointment we ask that you give a 4 hour advance notice. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged at the full treatment price.